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Mounting Methods

There are many ways to show off your beautiful, custom sign. Typically, oval signs and plaques are mounted directly onto a vertical surface, such as exterior walls, buildings, fences and landscape features. Screws are included for wall mounting.


postandfinialIf you have a hanging sign, you can choose one of our Wrought Iron Brackets to suspend it. Their classic designs are an excellent option for double sided signs and single sided signs that are exposed on one side only.

For stand-alone signs, we have an attractive, sturdy pole to work with your hanging bracket, available in a range of heights to suit. It comes in standard black, but can be finished in any color for a custom treatment. Let us know what you require and we can manufacture to suit.

Regardless of how you want to display your customized sign or plaque, Cambridge Metalsmiths has a solution to fit your needs.


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