We are a private family business operating since 1983 producing unique aluminum castings in the age old traditional fashion - by hand. The same care and attention to detail is put into every casting, a fact to which our customers attest through the complimentary notes we receive. Our products are hand made in Canada. We ship worldwide.

Stages in the Making of a Cast Metal Sign

Our time-honoured process for creating a unique Cast Metal Sign starts with your idea and vision. There are many stages involved in the development of the finished sign, which can be divided into 3 definable steps. It takes time, patience and skill. The creation of a casting begins under the careful watch of our artists, with the precise hand assembly of a pattern (1). Emblems and logos are initially carved in wood, then molded into metal for use in the patterns. A pattern leaves an impression in foundry sand, into which molten aluminum is poured ... and a one piece casting is born (2). Surfaces are treated, then receive only the finest, hi-tech finishes available (3). Each casting is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation. The end results is a one piece, finely crafted, personalized sign, ready to stand in a place of prominence and announce your home, business or commemoration. Truly a statement that endures!

Answers to Common Questions:

Our Standard Emblems fit most sign sizes, except the very smallest where space is restrictive. Type is set out and sized for readability and the most pleasing appearance. Fewer letters allow for larger type. For special requests, simply ask. We will cheerfully reply to all inquiries (custom emblems, shapes, logos, colours, type layouts). Usually everything is included in the prices listed, with the exception of lengthy statements, such as dedications and custom logos or emblems, which are priced upon request. Attach a rough sketch to your order if you wish, or call us.

Included with Castings: Stainless screws are included for wall-mounted castings, "S"-hooks with hanging castings

Hanging Brackets: Hanging brackets are available for most sign sizes.

See Price List Family Crests: We have produced many Family Crests. You can see some examples on our Sign Types pages. For practicality and visual appeal, it is often best to use a portion or key element of a crest rather than the entire crest. We will require good reference, either in colour or black & white with all colours noted, or written outside the image. Fax or call us for details and custom emblem prices.

Posts: Black heavy-duty steel posts with Cast Ball & Flange are usually available. Singles for pickup only (10' lengths). Large quantities we do ship.

Custom Emblems: Good reference is required, preferably from line drawings. Generally, custom emblems cost between $85 and $125. Logos and crests, depending on complexity range from $125 to $200. Multiple quantities, Street Signs and Dedications are priced on request. Exact duplicates cost 15% less than original. A custom emblem is a one-time charge.

Delivery Time: In most circumstances we ship in 5 to 6 weeks from receipt of order. Each step in the process takes time. Try to plan early to have gifts ready for Christmas or special occassions. If that isn't possible, you may give a brochure noting that the casting will follow.

Business Hours: 8am to 6pm, N.A. Eastern Time, 7 days a week. In case we have stepped out when you phone either call again, write, e-mail, fax, or leave a recorded message. Our recorder clicks on after the 4th ring. Colour

Brochure: For a copy, please send your name and address, e-mail or fax us. Many emblems are illustrated, but not all. Eventually most will be available to view on our site. It might be noted that a significant number of our customers come back to us over the years with additional requests - gifts for friends, relatives, and business associates - retirements, presents, honorariums, etc.

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